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Money transfer to bank account

Money transfer to bank account

You can send a money transfer directly to a bank account from any select agent location+, to participating banks. To get started, complete the transfer in person with your local MoneyGram agent, or pre-register online first to save time.

Send to a bank account with confidence

Register online to receive a Registration Number before you visit an agent location. Or, the receiver number can be provided at a participating MoneyGram agent location.

Complete the send form; at the agent location and choose the receive option of "Account Deposit." Provide information about the person receiving the money transfer requested on the form, including:

  • Bank name
  • Name on the account
  • Account number*
  • Mobile phone number of the account-holder (person receiving your transfer)

  • Registration number if you pre-registered online

Next steps: Give the completed form to the agent

  1. Your agent enters the information into the system and a Receiver Number is created.(Note: keep this number for future transfers you send to the same person.)
  2. Hand the money you are sending, plus the transfer fee,* to the MoneyGram agent. You'll receive a receipt as proof of your transaction.
  3. Tell the person receiving the transfer to check their bank account the next business day to confirm the deposit. 

Future Money Transfers to Bank Account

Keep the receiver number given to you for your first transfer to the bank account. Use this number anytime you need to transfer money into the same account in the future. Take the number with you to your local agentand follow these steps.

  1. Complete the send form by choosing the receive option "Account Deposit." Include the Receiver Registration Number (RRN) already provided for this bank account.
  2. Hand the form and the amount you're sending, plus the transfer fee,* to the MoneyGram agent. You'll receive a receipt for the transaction. Save your receipt.
  3. The money will be deposited into the bank account associated with that Registration Number.

+Not all agent locations participate and requirements may vary. Please contact your agent for information.

Online bank transfers

Send money direct to a bank account. It's fast, safe and easy.  Try MoneyGram's new online money transfer service today! 

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